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Vadouvan, vadavam from Pondicherry


🇮🇳 PRODUCT AND SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM INDIA For maximum freshness and impeccable quality, our products are made exclusively in India from where we ship them directly. As indicated in the delivery conditions, it may take up to three weeks to receive your parcel. Our company was created by three French and Indian entrepreneurs. Our stocks are therefore located in France and India. Please contact us in case of a specific request.


🍛 VADOUVAN OTHER NAMES It can be found under different names depending on where it is produced: Vaudouvan, vadavam, vadagam, vadakam, French curry, French curry...

🍛 A UNIQUE & AUTHENTIC TASTE This blend of spices has been created by French families present in the Pondicherry area in India for several generations. Our Indian curry, which is still made in the South of India, is 100% natural, local and handcrafted.

🍛 A PERFECT SPICE FOR VEGETARIANS Used in vegetarian cuisine to spice up dishes such as vegetable patties, steamed vegetables, vegetarian lasagna, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes...

🍛 BUT ALSO MEAT & FISH IN SAUCE You can add it in the preparation of your stews and marinades. It is also used in casseroles such as vegetable stew, pumpkin or potato gratin, lentil or chickpea dhals. For fish and white meats, vadouvan will be perfectly combined in fish rillettes and chicken terrines.

Vadouvan from PondicherryVadouvan (sometimes written Vaudouvan) is a mixture of ready-made sweet spices with Indian origins and suitable for French cuisine. It is a masala (Indian name of a mixture of spices) also known as vadavam, vadagam or vadakam. This spice mix was reportedly developed by French families in the Pondicherry region of India for several generations. This Indian curry has different recipes for different regions, at least contains crushed onion, garlic, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fenugreek. The mixture of seeds and plants is dried in the sun and then crushed. Once dry, it is then mixed with sesame oil, produced locally and renowned for its anti-oxidant properties. This mixture can then be rolled into balls for ease of preservation. This authentic blend is the meeting of two cultures and two renowned cuisines that combine their flavours.



Data sheet

Feuilles de curry
Graine de cumin
Graines de moutarde
Huile de ricin
Huile de sésame
Lentilles Urad
Poudre de curcuma
Best before
2 years after once you opened the container
Store the goods in an airtight box after opening in order to keep the flavoring.
1 kg in bulk
100 grams zip bag

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Vadouvan, vadavam from Pondicherry

Vadouvan, vadavam from Pondicherry

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