Biryani Masala Powder from Tamil Nadu


This mix for Biryani is a variation of Garam Masala. The difference between the two is in the proportion of spices it contains. Depending on its origin, here Tamil Nadu, the Garam Masala recipe changes and is sometimes even different from one family to another. Because of this, it is really difficult to find a standardized recipe for this Indian mixture. It is usually obtained via a mixture of coriander seeds, cumin, caraway, mace (nutmeg flower), cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, star anise, pepper and fennel.


Data sheet

Black pepper
Coriander seeds
Fennel seeds
Graine de cumin
Green cardamom
Star anise
piment rouge
Best before
2 years after once you opened the container
Store the goods in an airtight box after opening in order to keep the flavoring.

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Biryani Masala Powder from Tamil Nadu

Biryani Masala Powder from Tamil Nadu

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